When it is Time…

Hitty Maris is saying, “Goodbye,” today.  It is a bittersweet moment.

Moving On

Hitty Maris has many wonderful memories from her time living with the Maxwell Hittys.
One of her favorites is the time she played a Witch in a Hitty Community Theater production.

Hitty Jean is thrilled that Hitty Maris is joining her sister, Hitty Fairlight, in their new home.
It is an exciting time for the Cordell Sisters.  Hitty Jean will try to stay positive, spending the day in the garden,
where Spring is finally trying to make an appearance.

What do you do to take your mind off your sorrows?

‘Til Next Time…

Plain? Or Chocolate?

photo 1thisone
Such Midwinter excitement!

Another BIG snowstorm on its way this week…The Maxwell Hittys love snow!  And this has been a rather snowy Winter.

The Hittys are cheering on the USA in the Olympics!  (Though they also admit to rooting for the lovely
15 year old skater from Russia – did you see her?!  Wow.)

Hitty Jean and Furry are having a pre-Valentine’s Day tea party with their favorite Emma Bridgewater dishes.
Bécassine insists that they share one piece of Grasshopper Pie.
No worries!  Sharing is fun, right?  Especially with friends.
Now Hitty Jean will just fetch the forks, pour some milk, and the “tea” party can begin!

‘Til Next Time…

Horray for Mushroom Barley!

photo 3


Horray for Beth Anne Hall!  She is the winner of our Mushroom Barley giveaway!  Beth Anne, please email me at
hitty_martha (at) yahoo (dot) com and we will arrange for your pinny to make its way to you…

But EVERYONE IS A WINNER here, and because we don’t like anyone to go away feeling bad….we have a RECIPE for you – to make Bécassine’s delicious Mushroom Barley Soup!!  Yippee!!  Now this must be prefaced with a bit of a disclaimer… Bécassine is French, as we all know, so one might expect her recipe to be a special, French recipe, handed down through generations, cooked in the most wondrous kitchens all over France.  But Bécassine wants to be certain that everyone’s soup is as delicious as can be.  “Her” recipe is the very best you can make, and that is a promise!  So please, when the soup link mentions something about “America” in the title, please try to stifle your giggles.  For Bécassine’s sake.

Mushroom Barley Soup – Best Recipe Ever – Click Here

(Also, there were many requests for a pinny pattern.  Hitty Jean is so sorry to say that she does not have one of her own that she is able to share at this time.  There are many amazing pattern resources out there for Hitty, and a good place to start might be at the Hittygirls Yahoo Group.  Hope this helps – we want everyone to have FUN!!!)

‘Til Next Time…



Bécassine wonders what Hitty Jean might like for dinner tonight?  Hitty Jean answers, “Mushroom Barley Soup!!”  An Autumn Favorite with the Maxwell Hittys, to be sure.  But there are no mushrooms in the pantry….
“How about going to the market?” Hitty Jean suggests.  But Bécassine has a better idea.  She rounds up the Hittys, and grabs a basket.  “We will pick our own!”**


Bécassine leads a parade of Hittys to a shadowy, forgotten corner of the garden, where the best mushrooms grow.  Since there has just been a Big Rain, this is perfect timing!

Hitty Sylvie and Hitty Felice run ahead – and suddenly there is all sorts of Whooping and Yelling.  They have found Mushrooms!  Are they the right kind?  Bécassine says, “Yes!” **


There are mushrooms aplenty.  Hitty Jean notices they seem to be everywhere…then realizes she is sitting in a Fairy Ring!  Delightful!!  (Bécassine insists that the Fairy Ring be left for the Fairies…there are plenty of mushrooms for all.)


Soon, the basket is full.  Maybe there is room for just a couple more?


Mushroom Barley Soup for Dinner!!!

**Hitty Friends, please, we implore you NOT to go mushroom picking unless you know beyond a doubt what you are doing!!!  Bécassine is an expert.  Markets are wonderful places to find mushrooms, too!


Do you like Hitty Felice’s Pinny, with the Gnome on the front?  (He is sitting on a mushroom – how cute!)  Would you like to win a similar one for your own Hitty to wear?  The Maxwell Hittys have an extra (with a standing Gnome on the front, so slightly different that Hitty Felice’s Pinny…) and would love to send it to you! Just leave a comment below and we will put everyone’s name in the hat to draw a winner. Entrys close Monday, October 14th.  We are happy to ship anywhere on Earth.
And, to our dear friend Hildi, wherever you are, we have something to send you as well!! Please do be in touch!

‘Til Next Time…

Kansas City, Part IV

photo (27)
One thing Hitty Jean had been looking forward to very much was a planned visit to the Arabia Steamboat Museum. There she is, up there, at the farmer’s market that takes place every Saturday just outside the Museum doors…It was a beautiful day! Having read a book written by one of the treasure-hunters who found the Steamboat, Hitty Jean was very much looking forward to seeing the collection in person!

photo (36)

Do you know about the Steamboat Arabia? It is an incredible story of a Steamboat that met its end, sinking on the Missouri River in 1856. As the river changed course over the years, the Steamboat ended up buried in silt under a cornfield!!! It was discovered and excavated and now its story and its cargo is on display for the world to see. What a gift – a perfect time capsule. Why, they even found hanks of yarn in perfect condition! Hitty Jean hopes this is as exciting for you as it is for her, and if you are interested in more details, this book is a great read (it has photographs, too!)
Without further ado, here are some of its treasures:

Buttons!! Pioneers needed buttons!

photo (29)
This jug was one of Hitty Jean’s favorites:

photo (32)
A Frozen Charlotte was found in the toe of a sock….perhaps destined for a child on the prairie? Now she stands among jewelry and other treasures:

photo (31)
The Museum is like visiting an 1850 Prairie Town’s General Store:

photo (34) photo (35)
It was mesmerizing, to say the least! Hitty Jean was thrilled to be able to purchase her own Frozen Charlotte at the Museum Shop. She will treasure her!

Onto the evening, and dinner….
Well. Hittys can only visit so many museums and such, while being expected to be on their best behaviour! When they arrived at their friend’s house, they remembered Hitty Jean posing on the mantle the night before and they ALL wanted to do it! There must have been twenty-five Hittys on that mantle!! Some got very silly and sat waaaay up high on the top of the tallest candlesticks:

photo (28) photo (47) photo (48)
Of course Hitty Colleen was one of the “Way Up High” Hittys….do you recognize any others?

Hitty Jean and Hitty Robertson took this time to catch up:

photo (38)
Dinner was absolutely wonderful, with many courses and many different wines and cordials to go along…In fact, dessert was truly a “Happy Ending” as Hitty Jean noticed that the ice cream was smiling at her! (Can you see it, too? Or maybe it was all the wine…)

photo (46)
Sadly, time in Kansas City was running out, and before she knew it, Hitty Jean and her friends were back on the airplane…time to head home to Boston:

photo (44)
The cookies on the plane were pretty darn good – but a bit much for one Hitty to handle alone:

photo (43)
The pretzels were a better size:

photo (45)
What a wonderful trip!!! We hope you have had *almost* as much fun reading about it here!
Hitty Jean would love to visit Kansas City, Missouri again…someday…
Thank you, friends, for a memorable and truly enjoyable time! XOXO

‘Til Next Time…

Kansas City, Part III

Let’s talk about the Boston Beacon Hill House!!

This was another one of Hitty Jean’s favorites (there were so many!) and she could have gazed at it for hours.
Commissioned by Claire Bagley Hammons, it was created by artist Frank L. Matter. It is in 1/48th scale (1/4 inch equals 1 foot). It is a work of art – truly a must-see! Frank Matter himself spent over 5 years constructing this masterpiece. In a quote from Mr. Matter about working in such a diminutive size, he states it as “Trying to hold a gnat while clipping its wings.” Hmmmmm…..photos, then:

photo (20)

photo (23)

photo (24)

So tiny and so detailed….Hitty Jean adored it!!!

If ever, ever you are in Kansas City, Missouri, you simply must visit the Toy and Miniature Museum! Hitty Jean is already trying to figure out how to get back. (And how on Earth to get Museum Hitty to talk to her!)

Well now, there were many other exciting KC adventures…Hitty Jean also visited a private home…or was it a museum as well? It was hard to tell, and here is why:

photo (22)

Everywhere she looked, there were collections of all shapes and sizes…candlesticks, tools, miniatures…it was the most interesting home Hitty Jean has ever seen!! Do you see her up there? Those antique brass candlesticks surely would pose a danger to Hitty if they were to all be lit at once!! Luckily, Hitty Jean knows that the owner of this house is very respectful of Hitty and would never put her in unnecessary danger! Phew!

Another interesting display Hitty Jean found was these chests made of bone…she was truly captivated by them. If she could have taken one home with her, I am sure she would have. What exquisite pieces of art they are:

photo (25)
There are tiny keys in the latches, which operate tiny locks. Hitty Jean can think of many treasures she would love to keep safe in one of these chests. (These beautiful masterpieces in miniature were created by William Robertson.)

Lest you think all Hitty Jean did in KC was gaze at displays, well….

photo (26)
There was plenty of catching up with friends! But let’s save that for another day, where the Hittys get silly and a Steamboat is found in a cornfield!

‘Til Next Time…

Kansas City, Part II

Hitty Jean spent the first full day of her trip at the Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City.  It was simply amazing!!  She went along on a wonderful tour of first the toys…then the miniatures.  There was so much to look at, it was difficult to know where to start!!
A favorite of Hitty Jean’s was the display of German Kitchens:

photo (7)
Many of these antique kitchens are what Hitty Jean considers to be “Hitty-Sized” and the one above looked just right!

There was a wonderful Dollhouse in the toy section.  Hitty Jean was intrigued by the story that went along with it.  A little girl, Nettie Wells, owned the dollhouse and her doll, Gracie, had many adventures there.  Tiny, doll-sized letters written by Nettie to Gracie were found with the house and they document all the marvelous goings-on.   Gracie had a goat with a cart and sleigh.  The cart’s wheels were made from thread bobbins!  Gracie had wonderful homemade furniture and clothing – even her dress pattern was there!  Hitty Jean thinks the original Hitty had a similar collection when she was found in an Antique Store all those years ago…

photo (11)
Above is Nettie’s Dollhouse – the easel has an “Attendance Record” on it – of course Gracie was one of the pupils at the imaginary school.  Gracie had perfect attendance!

Hitty Jean coveted a tea set she saw…pictured below.  It was in perfect Hitty scale!

photo (16)

Imagine Hitty Jean’s surprise to see a Hitty as one of the displays!  She tried to talk to this Museum Hitty, but Museum Hitty was a bit “standoffish” to say the least:

photo (15)

Onto the Miniatures, then!
Hitty Jean was captivated by the deep voice of the guide for the Miniature displays.  He was none other than William Robertson – (why, isn’t he somehow related to the Robertson Hittys?!?)  He is also a miniaturist and the builder of Twin Manors!  Hitty Jean adores the Twin Manors and has spent many hours gazing at the house while visiting her friends the Robertsons.  It was thrilling to see the display below – until then it had only been seen by Hitty Jean in photographs:

photo (13)
When asked if this was his actual workbench, William (Bill) quipped, “My workbench has a lot more tools on it…”
Oh, how Hitty Jean would love to acquire a model of Twin Manors, like the one above….better start saving!!

A Wonderful Friend (Hi, Esther!) made the needlepoint for this sewing box:

photo (9)
The stitches are so tiny, you almost cannot see them!  Here’s a closeup:

photo (10)

Another friend, Hanna Hyland, painted the painting below…as well as the one blocked by Hitty Jean’s head…They were both exquisite:

photo (14)
There was so much more to see at the museum, it would be close to impossible to write about it all here.  But there was another Miniature House that captivated Hitty Jean – (more on that tomorrow.)  Until then, two photos of the Hittys at lunch – first with the Brown Hittys:

photo (5)
And below, quite a few more friends….do you recognize any of them?

photo (6)
‘Til Next Time…


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