The Drawing

Miss VanDroo asks all the Hittys to assemble.  It is time for The Drawing to see who gets to go to Camp Piney Woods this summer!!  She explains the rules: Whoever draws the longest straw wins.  The winner is allowed to bring along a pet, but it must fit into the crate:


Miss VanDroo then quietly sits down, ready to begin…


Bitty Clarabelle is concerned.  She is pretty sure her Yeti will not fit into a crate this small.  Flicka Lindman tells her to worry about that if she wins the drawing.


Hitty Maple and Hitty Apple wish each other good luck:


Suddenly, Chocolate~Chip~Cookie is clinging to Miss VanDroo’s leg.  She is certain that she would be too homesick to go to camp.  Miss VanDroo consoles her with a gentle hug and reminds her that there will be many Hittys there, including Bittys Early~Tulip and Peanut (who C~C~C knows well.)


C~C~C sneaks over to Clarabelle and tells her that she can have her straw if it is longer.  Clarabelle is very excited about this offer!  She is sure she will win now!  C~C~C begins to worry that maybe this is cheating:


You can hear a pin drop as Hitty Apple draws the first straw:


The entire affair is taking too long.  Sissy Sara and C~C~C get silly.  (Their straws are rather short…)  C~C~C wants Sissy Sara to lie still so that she might build a shrine around her, like when Ancestor Hitty was shipwrecked on the island with the natives and monkeys:


Clarabelle holds the longest straw so far.  Only Hitty Fifer is left:


Hitty Fifer draws the longest straw!!!  Clarabelle demands to see it up close.  Yes, indeed, it is the winning straw!  Hitty Apple is secretly thrilled that Clarabelle hasn’t won.  What on EARTH would happen if a Yeti showed up at camp?!?


Clarabelle is easily consoled.  (She is a kind Bitty at heart.)  Hitty Apple and Hitty Fifer ponder the crate.  What kind of a pet will Hitty Fifer bring?


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