When Fate Intervenes

Hitty Fifer says a fond farewell to Hitty Primrose.


Hitty Apple tells Hitty Maple about her upcoming trip.  It sounds exciting!


Apple and Maple are waiting with the blossom food for Fifer’s pet she is taking along to camp.  They think three or four should be enough for a short trip on the Postal Bus.  Miss VanDroo and Clarabelle have also come out to say Goodbye to Hitty Fifer:


Here she is!  She has her swaps, and Splinters the Dog is trailing behind:


Bye, Hitty Fifer!  Have a WONDERFUL time at camp!  Be sure to write!!!


Surprisingly, just a short while later, Hitty Fifer is back.  There has been an accident, and Hitty Fifer has lost her thumb!!!  The Hittys are all in a tizzy!  Hitty Fifer is stunned, but calm.


WHO will go to camp???  Miss VanDroo and Hitty Maple want to stay at home, Sissy Sara and Chocolate~Chip~Cookie have had second thoughts about going, Hitty Apple has a trip planned,Hitty Primrose is not interested, and  Cherry~Merry is in Maine.  That leaves…


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