At Dithering Heights!

Oh, what a wonderful week was spent in Oklahoma!

The Hittys are still chattering away excitedly, having had so many, many adventures.  The most anticipated part of the trip was a visit to the Witty Hittys of Dithering Heights.  Oh, what a beautiful Hitty home!

Outside, Miss Mess was waiting at the door to meet and greet:


Even though Miss Mess was there, Hitty Primrose just had to ring the doorbell.  Such a charming sound it makes!  And all the Hittys couldn’t help but ooh and aah over the stunning front door:


Hitty Primrose couldn’t wait to see the pantry.  Perhaps she is thinking of becoming more domestic?  It was well stocked, with so much to see:



Hitty Fifer and Hitty Primrose were lucky enough to be asked to help out in the kitchen.  They were tickled pink to have the opportunity to work in such a wonderful place:


Hitty Fifer loved those oven mitts, and thinks perhaps Miss VanDroo should receive a pair for Christmas this year:


Hitty Primrose just couldn’t get over all the wonderful delicacies spread out on the table.  Those Witty Hittys sure know how to throw a party!


Meanwhile, Miss VanDroo had made her way upstairs to visit with Mrs. Sag.  Mrs. Sag is quite the seamstress, and when Miss VanDroo saw her sewing room, she was so impressed that she had to sit down for a spell:


Hitty Fifer peeked in to see what all the fuss was.  She admired the quilt on the wall:


Miss VanDroo and Mrs. Sag had a nice chat.  Mrs. Sag had been so busy bustling about before the guests arrived that she forgot to put her tape measure away:


Sissy Sara and Clarabelle had made their way to the nursery.  Sissy Sara enjoyed meeting Bitty Tooshie, though Tooshie was too shy to talk much:


Sissy Sara and Clarabelle wished they could have spent the night, but Miss VanDroo said, “No.”  There were too many plans, and overtired Bittys were not something anyone wanted to contend with:


They made their way to the parlor and chatted with a very dear Eric Horne Hitty.  Sissy Sara admired the trim on the Hitty’s dress.  Clarabelle took in the beauty of her surroundings.  (Which just reaffirms the fact that Dithering Heights is a stunning home, as Clarabelle is usually too busy to stand still.)


Hitty Maple had a chance to meet some new friends also.  She couldn’t stop exclaiming over the cat quilt Mrs. Sag had made:


Hitty Maple then rounded up Sissy Sara and Clarabelle.  Together, they went over to meet Ellen and Pink in the school yard.  What sweet little ones they were!  Lots of other friends were there as well:


Inside the school, Clarabelle met Will.  Being that Will is a boy,  she wasn’t too impressed:


Clarabelle and Sissy Sara were allowed to stay for French Lessons.  (C’est Vrai!!)


Then, Clarabelle was sent back to Dithering Heights to round up the other Hittys.  Sadly, it was already time to go.  Clarabelle waited in the front entry while the other Hittys said their thank-you’s and good-bye’s:


It was a wonderful visit.  Thank you so much to Wizzy and all the Hittys at Dithering Heights!

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