Out and About in Guthrie

Hitty Flower and Hitty Neckling were sent by their Hittymoms, Pit~Pat and Tater, to the Oklahoma Hitty gathering:


Most mornings, they would accompany Miss VanDroo to the Cowboy Cafe for breakfast.  Breakfast there is standard fare, but the Hittys enjoyed poring over the menu:


The coffee there was good.  Usually, Hitty Flower was the one to add the cream:


A breakfast of scrambled eggs (with ketchup!) always hits the spot.  Too bad there weren’t any forks available in 1:10 scale.  Perhaps next time Miss VanDroo will bring her own:


In the meantime, the Hittymoms had to take the rental car to the shop for a new fuse.  Hitty Maris and Hitty Fifer went along for the ride:


Hitty Maris is the newest member of the Maxwell Hittys.  She did not expect to have her first adventure so soon:


Down the street, Hitty Jenny and Hitty Maple were boarding the trolley for a tour:


They learned a great deal about the City of Guthrie, where the Oklahoma land rush began.  The settlers put up canvas tents while they constructed permanent buildings.  Hitty Jenny tried to imagine what life must have been like back then:


Back at the Pollard Inn, the Bittys had been left to their own devices.  Sissy Sara managed to stay out of trouble.  However, Pipah and Clarabelle found a Hittymom camera and got into some mischief:


Miss VanDroo and Hitty Maris returned to find them pulling out the knitting.  Uh, oh.  (Don’t tell Miss VanDroo, but Hitty Maris was a bit amused by their antics.)


Perhaps the Bittys should have gone with Hitty Apple to explore the Apothecary Garden:


Hitty Apple fell in love with these Beauty Berries, and was sad to learn that they cannot grow in the Northern Climate:


The Hittys will always remember their Oklahoma adventure…

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