‘Tis the Season

The Hittys have been busily bustling about…

Primrose has been bundling up and taking the bicycle off to do “errands.”


When she returns, she will not say where she was, or what she has been doing.  Hmmmmmm….

Meanwhile, Miss VanDroo’s new dog, Bijoux, is really enjoying the snow.  This has been so good for Miss VanDroo, who usually stays indoors all Winter long.  Now she happily puts on her wrap several times a day to take Bijoux outside:


The Hittys and Bittys have offered to take a turn, but Miss VanDroo insists on doing it herself.

Indoors, Hitty Maris and Cherry~Merry have just finished decorating their VERY large Christmas tree.  Well, almost finished:


They are still strategizing about how to get a star on top.  They think a break and some hot chocolate will help them to figure out a plan.

***  All is Merry and Bright  ***

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