Following Pixies

Miss VanDroo and Hitty Maris bundled up to take Bijoux out for a walk:


Hitty Maris noticed something moving about in the snow.  “I think it’s a Pixie!”


Hitty Maris decided to follow the Pixie so she could ask it to show her some magic.  (Miss VanDroo is too sensible for such nonsense.  She took Bijoux inside.)  Hitty Maris spotted the Pixie again:


Hitty Maris tried to catch up, but the Pixie moved easily through the slippery snow, and Hitty Maris kept slipping.  She followed the Pixie into the shrubbery:


Hitty Maris was sure she had lost the Pixie’s trail when she spotted it again:


And again:


Hitty Maris began to realize that something was very familiar about the Pixie.  For example, the dress it was wearing.  Hmmmmm….


Finally, Hitty Maris came face to face with the “Pixie”…Hitty Apple!  “Why, you aren’t a magical Pixie at all,” said Hitty Maris, trying not to sound too disappointed.  Hitty Maris had really wanted to see some Pixie magic.  “Oh, Hitty Maris!  You silly,” exclaimed Hitty Apple.  “You thought you were following a Pixie?!?”  Hitty Apple explained that she had just finished knitting a new hat and had decided to wear it outside:


Hitty Apple knew Hitty Maris was disappointed that she wasn’t a magical Pixie, so Hitty Apple asked her to come along with her on her walk.

“I’ll show you some REAL magic, Hitty Maris,” said Hitty Apple.

“REAL magic?” asked Hitty Maris.

“Oh, yes!  REAL magic.  It’s all around us.  Look,” said Hitty Apple.  “There are birds at the feeder, and buds on the tree.  A promise of things to come.”


“And the naked trees, sprinkled with snow.  They look magical in the winter,” Hitty Apple said.  “Don’t you agree?”

Hitty Maris nodded, in awe of the beauty all around her:


Hitty Apple had saved the best for last.  “And look over there, at the sky.  That’s Mother Nature’s Grand Finale.  You should try to see it every day.”  Hitty Maris looked where Hitty Apple was pointing:


“Hitty Apple,” said Hitty Maris, “I think it’s possible you are a Pixie, after all.  Thanks for showing me all these magical things.  I’ll never forget to notice them from now on.”

Together, they crunched home, through the snow:


Hitty Maris couldn’t wait to tell Miss VanDroo about the Pixie she had met.

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