Something’s Afoot

The Hittys are behaving in strange ways.  Miss VanDroo is knitting up a storm.  Okay, that in and of itself isn’t strange.  But then there is Hitty Maris…I could have sworn I saw her running around in a black dress and a tall, pointed hat…Cherry~Merry has been trying to skip, and keeps asking me if I think she looks “Maiden-ish.”  (Maiden-ish???)  Then, the Hittys asked if I would please get them a Hitty-sized ax.  (Huh???)  There have also been twitterings overheard about a creature named Dulin.  (Who’s Dulin???)  And then, today, this little Forest Fairy appeared in my sewing room:


She introduced herself as Gibbous.  She is asking for a neck adornment before she goes to practice with the Hittys.  (Practice?  What are they practicing??)  Oh-she asked for a proper tail, too.

***I think the Hittys are up to something***

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