The Clothespin Challenge

Hitty Adora sits the Bittys down and reads to them.  When she is finished with the story, she explains to them about the Hittygirls Clothespin Challenge.  The Bittys are so very excited to join in the fun and make some clothespin dolls!  They have art supplies, fabric, little scraps of lace, and glue.  “All we need to get started is a clothespin or two,” says Hitty Adora. “So, let’s go find some clothespins, and meet later.”   Hitty Adora is pleased that the Bittys listened so well.  She is certain that their clothespin activities will be successful.  And that is saying a LOT.  (Especially when Bitty Pipah is involved.)


Hitty Adora sits in a quiet spot, waiting for the Bittys to come back with their clothespins.  Bitty CCC comes first.  “I found a clothespin, Hitty Adora.  Do you think it will do?”  Hitty Adora knows how timid CCC can be, so she is sure to examine CCC’s clothespin carefully and exclaim over how wonderful it is.

June 2008

Suddenly, there is a loud racket.  The other Bittys arrive with THEIR clothespin.  “We decided to work as a team!” shouts Pipah.  “What do you think, Hitty Adora?!?!?”  Poor Hitty Adora.  She excuses herself for a moment, muttering something about finding Miss VanDroo.

June 2008 008

~ I wonder if that is a good idea? ~

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