The Halloween Party Is Starting

A costume parade!  Here they come…can you guess who is who?

Costume Parade! 

Here’s Early~Tulip dressed as Snow White:


Hitty Fifer as a Kitty~Cat:

Hitty Fifer 

And here comes Bijoux as…ummm…Halloween Bijoux!

A-roo! A-roo! 

Next is…ahhh…who is this?  Any guesses?

A Fairy Princess Bird?! 

Tadie is dressed as a Cowboy-Boot Wearin’ Pumpkin:


And Sweet Mabel is adorable as Mrs. Claus:

Sweet Mabel 

Speaking of Adorable, here comes Hitty Adora in her Native American costume, bringing up the rear:

Hitty Adora 

Prizes will be given later for the *Cutest* costumes…Miss VanDroo is the judge:

Come one, everyone! The Halloween Party is indoors! 

The parade is heading indoors, where Hitty Jean takes a last look at the tables of goodies:

I think that's everything... 

Has she forgotten anything?

Sure looks good... 

Hittys Maple and Apple are the first to arrive.  “Where should we park our brooms?” they ask.

Broom parking in the corner! 

Now the twins are here!  They greet Kookaburra:

Kookaburra, it's so nice to see you! 

“Kookaburra, who’s your Ghost Friend?” asks Hitty Maris.  Turns out her name is Ghibelline.

Sweet Wee Ghostie 

Cherry~Merry arrives and greets her good friend Hitty Maple.  Hitty Maple is quite an accomplished Pianist, and has already begun to play all the old Halloween Favorites:

Hey Maple! Nice music you're playing! 

“I could listen to Hitty Maple play all day,” thinks Cherry~Merry.  “Why imagine!  She has even played in a concert at the Robertson’s!”

Maybe I should take up piano too? 

Tessa~Vanessa arrives.  She is a bit shy, so she hangs back behind the table.  I hope someone talks to her:

Those candy apples sure look yummy! 

Hitty Jean begins to pass the drinks.  The *Paraders* will be arriving any minute and she wants to be sure everyone gets some of her famous hot cocoa:

Anyone for cocoa? 

Here’s Hitty Adora – the first *Parader* to arrive.  Hitty Adora is another who enjoys Hitty Maple’s musical gift.  “Wonderful rendition of *Monster Mash*” she says.

What exactly IS the Monster Mash? 

“Hi there, Tessa~Vanessa!” says Hitty Fifer.  “I think we’d better take a candy apple before they’re gone!”

They're going quickly!   

Miss VanDroo is happy to see that all the *Paraders* have made it safely indoors.

Hi there, Bijoux!  A-roo! A-roo! 

Cherry~Merry and Hitty Apple are enjoying their hot cocoa and having a pleasant chat.  They do not see “Bird Princess” sneaking up behind them:

Bird~Princess lands... 



“Sillys….It’s ME!” exclaims Hitty Primrose.
“Holy Candy Corn!  It’s YOU!” cries Cherry~Merry.  They all share a good laugh.  Hitty Primrose promises she won’t sneak up on anyone else:

You sure look silly when you're scared! 

Over in the corner, Tadie and Early~Tulip are admiring the *Cutest Costume* prizes.  They are sure they will *wither* if they don’t win!

We must win the Kitties! 

Early~Tulip gets a candy apple and considers their options.  “I think I have a plan,” she says:

Uh,oh...what exactly IS Early~Tulip's plan? 

There is plenty of lively conversation as the piano plays on.  Hitty Maris is complimenting Hitty Jean on the wonderful candy apples.  “They’re almost gone!” she says.

Best I've ever tasted! 

The wee elves have a nice chat with Bijoux:

A-roo! A-roo! 

Then, everyone gathers around the piano for an Old Fashioned Halloween Singalong:

Bubble,Bubble,Toil and Trouble...Making Witches Brew! 

While everyone is occupied, Hitty Jean takes some time to tidy up.  She looks at her friends, all having such a nice time, and her pegs swell with happiness.  It has been a lovely party, hasn’t it?  But wait!  She suddenly realizes that not everyone is gathered ’round the piano.  Who’s missing?!

What could those two be up to?! 

“So this…thing…is supposed to represent Miss VanDroo.  And if we put the pins in just exactly the right spots, we’ll win the *Cutest Costume* prizes,” whispers Early~Tulip.

Suddenly, Miss VanDroo feels a twinge in her side... 

Tadie isn’t so sure about this:

I'm not so sure about this... 

“What ARE you two doing?!” 
Uh, oh…Hitty Jean has discovered the littles practicing Voodoo.
“Voodoo is a serious art!” she yells.  “It is not to be taken lightly!” 
Hitty Jean sends them off to sing with the others…

What the heck?!?! 

At the end of the party, Miss VanDroo announces the Prize-winners.  Early Tulip and Tadie!!!  Those two rascals won!  They couldn’t help but be pleased:

It worked?  It worked! 

After the guests leave, Miss VanDroo and Hitty Jean begin cleaning up.
“What a wonderful party that was, Hitty Jean,” says Miss VanDroo.
“I hope I find that Voodoo doll before Miss VanDroo does…” thinks Hitty Jean.

Now where did I hide that darned thing? 

         *****          *****          *****          *****          *****

   ***  Happy Halloween from Miss VanDroo  ***

Click Photo to Enlarge 


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