Where Are All The Acorns?!

What a blustery day!  Hitty Jean has been out on a hunt, of sorts.  She has been gone a while, and she is getting chilled.

It is so windy and cold today! 

Hitty Jean found plenty of kindling, but she was unable to find the other supplies she was looking for.  At any rate, it is time to go inside and warm up.

What is going on? Where could they be? 

Once settled, Hitty Jean goes into the livingroom to speak with Miss VanDroo.  “Where are all the acorns?!” Hitty Jean exclaims. “I have been outside hunting for ages, and this is all I was able to find!”  Miss VanDroo is mystified as well.  (Hadn’t there been loads and loads of acorns last Autumn?)  She suggests Hitty Jean try the Internet.

This is all I found! 

Hitty Jean settles herself in the kitchen with her laptop and a nice snack.

Let's see...Google...Acorns. That should do it!

She looks up “Acorns” and finds out many interesting facts.  Such as:

*There are over 450 varieties of Oak trees.
*Oak trees require twenty years (!) and possibly up to fifty years of sufficient nutrients before they will produce their first crop of Acorns.
*Once on the ground, an Acorn has about a 1/10,000 chance of becoming an Oak tree.
*It is possible to make an Acorn Whistle!
*Acorns were used as a substitute for coffee during the American Civil War.
*Every 3 to 7 years, an Oak tree goes through what is known as a Masting Cycle.  This is when an Oak will produce a massive crop of Acorns.  There are many factors that influence when a Masting Cycle will take place.  On “off” years, few acorns are produced.

Well, Hitty Jean’s project with the Acorns will have to wait until another Masting Cycle.  Hitty Jean lets out a disappointed sigh.  Now what?  Suddenly, she is surrounded by Bakery Elves!  They need help!  Desperately!

Hitty Jean! It's an OUTRAGE! Help us! 

Hitty Jean listens carefully as they explain their *situation* in detail.

And then...and then... 

I wonder if she’ll teach them to use the laptop?

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