Hitty Jean is out visiting today.  A*Mysterious Package* addressed to Hitty Jean has been mistakenly delivered to the Elizabeth Hittys’ house.  Upon her arrival, Hitty Jenny explains that the package is hidden under a bed.  “So the little ones wouldn’t find it.”

Elizabeth will show you the way. 

Hitty Jean is led to the bed by Elizabeth.  “It’s under here…I’m not sure I can watch, but good luck,” she says.

It's under here. Can't you HEAR it!? 

After dragging the package out from under the bed (it wasn’t easy by herself…) Hitty Jean examines the label.  It is clearly addressed to her and it is squeaking in a most polite way.  “What should we do?!” Hitty Jenny frets.  “Well, obviously we should open it,”  says Hitty Jean.

What a bunch of scaredy cats those Elizabeth Hittys are! 

Hitty Jean begins to open the package and the squeaking gets louder (and happier.)  “Hitty Jenny is sure to pass out, she is so skittish,” thinks Hitty Jean.

Squeak! Squeak? Please? Squeak? 

Fortunately for Hitty Jean, help arrives at just that moment.  It is Little Peanut, who heard the ruckus and came to investigate.  Hitty Jean hatches a plan and sends Hitty Jenny off for some string.  Little Peanut is to be tied to one end, and Hitty Jean will hold the other end.  “In case you need rescuing,” she says to Little Peanut.  Little Peanut is sure this is the best job she has ever had!

This is a GRAND adventure! 

Hitty Jenny isn’t so sure.  But there are suddenly no other Hittys around to say otherwise (are they all hiding?!), so the plan moves forward.  “I am not responsible if anything goes wrong!” Hitty Jenny exclaims.

In you go, Peanut! 

Little Peanut comes out of the package with an ELF!  Hitty Jean is speechless.

How in the WORLD did you get sent here?!? 

Little Peanut is delighted with the creature.  She reads its back, which is labeled with its name, “Birdie Somerville.” 

Can we keep it? Please? 

The Hittys go into the livingroom to listen to Birdie’s story.  “I’d best fetch some tea,” says Hitty Jenny.  “Ummmm…Hitty Jenny, before you do, would you mind untying me?  Please?” asks Little Peanut.
Hitty Jean remains stunned.  She knows that the kitchen elves wanted Birdie to come live with them.  But would they dare steal her laptop and adopt another elf without permission?

Squeak! Squeak, squeak. And then, squeak! 

Meanwhile, Kookaburra and Griffin hear that Hitty Jean is gone for the day.  They quickly locate her laptop and log on to Birdie Somerville’s adoption page.  It is with great shock and despair that they realize Birdie has been adopted.  WHERE is Birdie?!


A heavy sadness fills the air:


♥But don’t worry, that will change♥

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