About Justin Morgan

Way up in the Hills of New England, down many winding roads, through several tiny towns and along several more winding roads, there is a rather modest, albeit important, Memorial.  Don’t blink, or you may drive right past!  It isn’t very tall, and Hitty Jean was not even afraid to sit atop while her photo was taken:

Isn't she beautiful? 

This important spot is where Justin *Figure* Morgan is buried.  Hitty Jean was inspired to learn more:

Justin Morgan Memorial 

Hitty Jean is an enthusiastic researcher of all things.  (Remember the acorns?)  So she went to her trusty laptop and found out more about this famous Horse that was the first of its breed, the Morgan Horse.

What made this horse, Justin Morgan, so special?
*Justin Morgan used the horse to work long hours in the fields and to pull carriages.   He was a wonderful saddle horse as well.  As was common at the time, the horse became known as “Justin Morgan’s horse.”
*Smaller than a Colonial Workhorse, and stouter than the long-legged Racehorses, Justin Morgan could outperform both!
*It is said that Justin Morgan once pulled a log (alone!) that no Draft Horse could even budge.  Wow!
*Justin Morgan lost his horse of the same name in a poker bet – to the local Sheriff.  Silly man!
*Justin Morgan was bred to hundreds of Mares in his lifetime, and his genes proved dominant and desirable.  He thus secured his place as “Progenitor of the First Established American Breed of Horses.”  Pretty impressive!

Lippitt Mandate Memorial 

Another Morgan Horse is buried at this remote farm.  Hitty Jean visited that Memorial as well.
Lippitt Mandate was beloved by his owner.  She was proud of her horse and they were renowned in the region.

There is so much more to learn about the Morgan Horse.  Even if you aren’t a Horse Lover, the Morgan Horse is an important part of American Colonial History.  There are many websites dedicated to Morgan Horses, but Hitty Jean found THIS to be the most interesting.  Of course there are many books and even a novel about Justin Morgan .  If your wish is visual entertainment, Disney made a movie about Justin Morgan!

♥Hitty Jean enjoyed learning about this *lesser known* historical site, and hopes you did too♥

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