Hitty Community Theatre Presents…A Christmas Story

The Hitty Community Theatre’s Holiday Production is about to begin.
Shhh!  I think the curtain is going up:

It looks as if it is going to snow!

You see?  Here is the snow:

“I sure wish we had remembered our galoshes,” says Hitty Marcy to Faun Boy Dulin:

Craigie Coverdale and Sticky Frog are waiting for them when they get home.  “We found a lovely tree,” says Hitty Marcy:

Craigie and Sticky have made some hot chocolate.  They all sit down for a warm drink:

Then they fetch the Christmas decorations:

They set straight to work.  It is a very big job to decorate a tree, and it isn’t just every little girl and frog and elf and faun who can do it.  They work hard:


Faun Boy Dulin decides to taste the candy~canes.  “Dulin, those are for the tree!” says Hitty Marcy:

The tree is finally trimmed.  But there is no star for the top:

“I’ll go get one,” says Hitty Marcy.  And she sets off in the snow:

Hitty Marcy meets a lady.  The lady does not have a star, but she does have a molasses cookie for her:

Hitty Marcy gets a bit lost in the woods, and a kind Sparrow shows her the way out.  He doesn’t have a star, though:

Hitty Marcy passes a cave.  “Hello!  Is anyone there?” she calls.  One pair of eyes opens.  There’s an owl in there.  “Do you have a star for me?” asks Hitty Marcy.  “No, no star in here,” says the owl.  The owl isn’t interested in stars for the top of Christmas trees.  He is much too sleepy:

What luck!  Hitty Marcy meets the Santa Claus for rabbits and other small animals.  “Do you know,” says Hitty Marcy, “we don’t have a star for the top of our Christmas tree.”

“Well now, let’s see,” says the Santa Claus.  “There just might be one in here somewhere.”

“Ho, ho!” she says.  “Here we are!”


And the curtain goes down, to thunderous applause:

Congratulations to our cast!
Starring, in order of appearance:
Hitty Marcy as Hitty Marcy:

Faun Boy Dulin as Faun Boy Dulin:

Craigie Coverdale as Craigie Coverdale:

Sticky the Wonderfrog as Sticky Frog:

Miss Pirenne VanDroo as the Lady:

and Sweet Mabel as the Santa for Small Animals:

We hope you enjoyed our show!
Please, if you did, consider purchasing a copy of A Christmas Story by Mary Chalmers.  Our play is (not so) loosely based on this childhood favorite.
**If you missed the first production of the Hitty Community Theatre, you can find it here.**

7 thoughts on “Hitty Community Theatre Presents…A Christmas Story

  1. This is so wonderful! I’ve never heard of the story before but your presentation of it has made my day. Thank you! The cast was delightful and played their roles well.


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