Road Trip

Hitty March and Hitty Jean were in need of adventure.  It was time to travel!  They set off on a two day journey across New England and into Pennsylvania.  Hitty March was in charge of the GPS and took her job very seriously:

Almost time to turn! 

They stopped in Bloomsburg overnight.  Before departing the following morning, Hitty Jean and Hitty March were sure to have their photo taken next to the Susquehanna River:

Next to the Susquehanna on a cloudy morning 

Finally, after two days of driving, they arrived at their destination!  What a thrill to be with old (and new!) friends again!  Hitty Jean and Hitty March were tired after their journey.  Bécassine made sure they were comfortable:

There are extra blankets and pillows in the closet, Dears. 

The next morning found Hitty Jean reading quietly in the parlor.  She had found a book on the shelf that was of particular interest:

Hitty Jean makes a mental note...must find myself a copy of this book! 

Hitty March was fascinated with Hitty Robertson’s desk.  She, too, would like to correspond with friends around the world!

Hitty Robertson? Do you need help organizing? I love to organize! 

Bécassine was fluttering about, being sure that things were put back where they belonged.  Hitty Carol and Hitty March assured her they would clean up after themselves:

See, Becassine, the books are all put away again... 

Hitty Jean enjoyed playing with all the toys the Robertson Hittys have in their room.  There are dolls and bears everywhere!


This doll was one of Hitty Jean’s favorites.  One of Puppy’s favorites, too.  Don’t worry, Hitty Jean was careful not to let Puppy chew it at all:

One small nibble, Puppy, and you are dismissed! 

Hitty Jean seemed to be having so much fun, Hitty Robertson decided to join her.  Every doll and bear in the room was put into play.  They both had their favorites:

Esther has had this bear for a very long time. It's one of my favorites. 

There was shopping and sewing and dining.  Giggles continued late into the night.  Hitty Jean took special care to keep things neat and tidy:

I hope this is up to Becassine's standards! 

Unlike her previous visit, Hitty Jean was on her best behavior.  It took all of her willpower to stay out of Twin Manor:

Hitty Jean seems so small next to Twin Manor...

Hitty March was given a new dress made by the Robertson Hitty’s Seamstress.  What a treat!  Hitty Colleen wasn’t quite as complimentary as Hitty Carol was.  It was clear to Hitty Carol that she needed to reassure Hitty Colleen – a dress is on order for her as well.  Hitty March overheard their conversation and just had to giggle.  Hitty March knows all about the Robertson Hittys and their beautiful dresses.  It must be hard to let someone else go *first* – even a guest.

Thank you so much, Esther! I love it!! 

It was time to head home.  The Robertsons accompanied Hitty Jean and Hitty March up the highway a bit.  There is a store that the Hittys just had to visit together.  Hitty Colleen and Hitty Jean wanted their picture taken next to this beautiful basket.  When Hitty March joined in, Hitty Colleen was sure to have her stand behind the basket.  (Don’t worry, Hitty Colleen, you’ll have your dress soon!)

Hitty March, you stand back there. 

Another highlight was when Hitty March was given a kitty.  The Robertson Hittys knew how much she loved it, and even Hitty Colleen agreed that Hitty March should have it.  Hitty March loves it so much, she never stopped holding it the entire way home:

Kitty, I love you! I'll never put you down! 

Actually, that is not being truthful.  Hitty March forgot all about the kitty – for a brief spell – while she and Hitty Jean set up the GPS.  The Peeps were a necessary provision for the journey.  Hitty Jean and Hitty March had heard from a reliable source that they are delicious when stale.  (And they are!)

A Peeps Experiment 

It was a wonderful trip.  Hitty Jean is resplendent in her new corals, a gift from the Robertsons.  Hitty March is so pleased to have new friends.  They are safe again on their shelf, for the time being.  But with so much to talk about, it will be a while before they start looking for those Bakery Elves again…

:::   I wonder where they could be   :::

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