The Robertson Hittys have a new Craft Room.  What fun that Hitty Jean and Hitty March were visiting just in time to help them move in!  Hitty Carol and Hitty March were placed in charge of finding the perfect spot for this colorful sampler:


And Hitty Jean?  Well, since Hitty March had already done her fair share of babysitting, it was Hitty Jean’s turn.  She was to watch little Michael while the other Hittys were occupied in the Craft Room.  Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t in a cooperative mood.  He pitched a hissy fit when Hitty Jean suggested they do some reading:


Poor Hitty Jean.  It was all she could do to keep little Michael safe.  When told he could not have a cookie before lunch, he took matters into his own hands:


Michael was given a stern talking-to.  He promised to behave while Hitty Jean quickly checked on the progress in the Craft Room:


Meanwhile, Hitty March and Hitty Carol had placed the sampler on the wall.  They agreed that it looked “just right,” though later Hitty Colleen insisted it wasn’t straight.  (!!)

 When Hitty Jean showed up, Hitty Colleen put her to work unpacking the art supplies.  Hitty Jean forgot all about watching little Michael:


Surely he couldn’t get into much trouble in just a few minutes.  Or could he?


The Robertson Hittys sent Hitty March and Hitty Jean off to enjoy lunch at the Kaufman House.  Five generations of their family have dined there.  It was exactly the break they needed.  They were just leaving the restaurant when Hitty March shouted, “Last one home babysits Michael!”


Hitty Jean and Hitty March were off like two bolts of lightning!  Guess we know who was in charge of the afternoon shift:


Ah, but that’s another story.

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