In The North Country

Miss VanDroo was so excited about the North Country Hitty Retreat.  She sat up front for the entire drive to Ogdensburg, New York.  (She looked rather grand in her hat and corsage, don’t you think?)
But poor Miss VanDroo…after a sightseeing tour along the Canadian side of the Saint Lawrence River, she got so nervous at the customs booth that Hitty Jean had to take over.  Hitty Jean remained cool as a cucumber:

What a thrill it was to finally make it to the retreat!  Hitty Jean made a new friend during the Journal Class:

And met up with her dear friend, Hitty Petal:

Later, Hitty Jean and Hitty March went to a wonderful fabric and yarn store in Amish Country.  (They caught quite a few glimpses of the horse carts, but weren’t allowed to photograph.)
In the yarn section, that daring Hitty March kept hiding.   Hitty March thought it was very funny that Hitty Jean couldn’t find her!

Later on, the Hittys met up with many friends and sisters.  Hitty March met two old friends:

And Tessa Carmen Vanessa (she’s the one on the far right) was reunited with some sisters:

Hitty Jean became fast friends with this Olive Wood Hitty.  Eventually, Hitty Jean convinced her to come home to live with the Maxwell Hittys.  Everyone is so excited!!

Hitty Jean also took part in a hat making class.  It was fantastic.  Afterwards, all the Hittys posed in their new hats:

Hitty Jean decided to give her hat to Hitty March (doesn’t she look cute!?!).  Miss VanDroo also has something new – a poncho from JOC.  She won’t take it off!

All too soon it was time to part ways.  Hitty Jean stopped one last time to gaze at the Saint Lawrence River and have her picture taken:

It was a long way home…
but that’s another story!

 ******* ******* *******

For lots of pictures of the NC Hitty Retreat (including humans!) please visit NC Hitty.  It was GREAT fun!  Thank you so very much to everyone who made it possible.
See you again, Hittygirls!

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