The Way Home

The driving route for the trip home was sketchy (at best.)  Hitty Jean was completely confused when she heard talk about driving to Lake Champlain and then across to Vermont.  Across!?!  How does one drive across a lake?  Upon arrival at Lake Champlain, Hitty Jean tried to remain calm.  She never heard mention of a bridge or causeway or anything of the like.  (She didn’t see one either.)  She got her answer soon enough:

A Ferry!!  What a lovely way to travel!  Hitty Jean stood on the rail until Miss VanDroo noticed and made her get back inside the car:


Olive Wood Hitty was frightened by Hitty Jean’s stint on the railing, but still, she wanted to hear all about what Hitty Jean had seen:



The Hittys ended up staying in Montpelier, Vermont, for the night.  They were disappointed because they were anxious to get home, but the driver was tired and the passengers were too.
This turned out to be a wonderful idea!  Montpelier is an extraordinary place full of hills, adorable homes, and quaint buildings:


More importantly, there was a yarn store there!!!  And one of the owners is a doll maker!!  And she knew about Hitty!!  Of course Hitty Jean stood proudly at the counter and had her picture taken:


After yarn purchases were completed, it was time to head to the farm store for some Maple Syrup.  (Because you just cannot go to Vermont without buying Maple Syrup, right?)  It was beautiful there:


Sadly, it was time to get the show on the road.  Hitty Jean loved all her travels.  It was a Grand Adventure:

If only she could convince Miss VanDroo to move to Montpelier…

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