A Letter And A Book


It has been so quiet around the Hitty house since Hitty Jean left and the Holidays are over.  Hitty March has been organizing Penny’s new toys and books.  Penny keeps wanting to play with them, so they don’t stay on the shelves very long.
(Poor Miss VanDroo.  She is so worried about Hitty Jean.  All she does is fret…and then knit a little…then fret…and then knit a little…)


What’s this?!  A card from Hitty Jean!  Yippee!  What perfect timing!

Dear Hitty March, Miss VanDroo and All,
I am in Hawaii!  It is beautiful here and I am having such a wonderful time visiting my birthplace.  I have had such a relaxing adventure – not at all what I expected.  I am enjoying walks on the beach and I even tried to climb a palm tree!  (The kids here are REALLY good at it!) I have learned new tricks, had a facial (!) and even changed my hair a bit.  I considered some Birkenstocks, but decided that my original shoes suit me best.  Truly, this has been an adventure of epic proportions, just as I was promised.  Still, as much as I love it here, I can’t stop smiling knowing that we will all be together soon – I may even be home for our birthday! Keep your fingers crossed.  In the meantime, I have sent you a book, The Birthday Doll.  Please keep it on a shelf and we will read it together when I return.
Yours Truly,
Hitty Jean ♥♥♥

Drat.  Penny wanted to read it now

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