The weather was so very delightful yesterday.  Hitty Jean decided to take a walk about the garden to see what’s popping up.  She stopped to admire the crocuses:
She had a strange feeling someone (or something?!) was following her.  She turned to look, and could swear she saw a Leprechaun!  Really!
But when Hitty Jean turned to follow the little one, it was gone!
Hitty Jean was sure her eyes must have been deceiving her.  Still, she hastened to the kitchen, where she found Sticky Frog.  Hitty Jean told Sticky Frog all about her *Leprechaun Sighting* and Sticky Frog was quiet…for a moment.  Then she pointed at Hitty Jean’s dress and exclaimed,”Hitty Jean!!  It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!!  Of course you saw a Leprechaun!  You aren’t wearing a stitch of green and that Leprechaun is probably planning a trick on you!”
Hitty Jean ran straight to her room to look for something green to wear.  No Leprechaun was going to play a trick on her if she could help it!  But all the green dresses were gone.  Hitty Jean was awfully jumpy for the rest of the day:
And Furry still can’t stop giggling about it:
I wonder if Furry was in cahoots with the Leprechaun?  Now that would be something! 

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