Trouble With Mice (and Boys)

Little Michael wants to show his pet mouse to Hitty Jean and Penny.  Penny isn’t too sure – she worries it might get loose and cause trouble:

Hitty Jean isn’t worried at all, and sits right on the floor, ready to hold Michael’s pet:

Just in time, Bécassine enters the room and puts a halt to this nonsense.  “NON!  No mice loose in the house!”

Later, Penny can’t resist a good “I told you so…”  Michael tries to pinch her! 

But Penny is too fast….

6 thoughts on “Trouble With Mice (and Boys)

  1. I love Hitty stories! Brave little Penny is darling. And look at that teensy jointed dolly sitting on the bookcase! Sweet! Ann S.


  2. Absolutely precious, I love your story! That’s a gorgeous Hitty house as well!
    P.S. I’m coveting that beautiful needlepoint rug Martha… LOL!!


  3. Love the new Blog for Hitty Jean. I just spent some time reading the GCI vacation episode. Wonderful! How did I ever miss reading that one? …the many Hitty Jean wardrobe changes and the shoes she wore to protect her own shoes…Adorable. -Judy


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