Some of us prefer a beautifully traditional *Lilac* colored bloom:

Some prefer the softness of the White Lilacs:

And though there’s an abundance of other hues to enjoy, there are some who are oblivious to Lilac Season (imagine!) and prefer to climb!

Hitty Primrose is a climber.  She sits in the Magnolia tree and dreams…

4 thoughts on “Lilacs

  1. Lilacs! How I miss beautiful, fragrant lilacs! What blessed Hittys to have the pleasure of a Spring in the Lilacs. Lovely!


  2. I will take a fragrant purple lilac anyday. The white just don’t quite do it for me unless of course mixed in with the purple. Lilacs are one of my favorites!

    Erin 🙂


  3. Lilacs are my all time favorite. I love them all no matter what the color. My only complaint is that they seems to wilt far to quickly once their cut and brought indoors. Maybe there’s some trick to it I’m not aware of…..if only they bloomed all summer long!

    Enjoy your beautiful blossoms!
    natalie jo


  4. Another lovely episode…thank you, Martha! You remind me that Spring may yet arrive in some form of warmth and sweet scent, rather than 70 mile an hour winds and hail pellets! Have a wonderful day with your woodenheads.


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