The Chocolates That Were Never Hidden

Bécassine and HittyPie have just returned from the market.  Along with the necessities, they bought a box of chocolates as a special treat for tea time:

Bécassine instructs HittyPie to put the chocolates away, lest they all be gone before tea.  HittyPie says she will think of a good hiding place:

HittyPie and Bécassine have just begun unloading the baskets when a ruckus begins in the other room.  Bécassine goes to see what is going on, leaving HittyPie to finish up:

But before she can finish, HittyPie is called away as well.  (I hope she remembered to hide the chocolates…oh, dear!):

This is when Bitty Penny and Furry come into the kitchen.  It is a rainy day and they are feeling full of mischief.  Immediately, Penny decides to drink from Bécassine’s cup!  Furry spots something even more enticing:

“It won’t hurt to have just one,” says Penny.  “Furry, you go first.”

Before they know what’s what, Penny and Furry have eaten almost all the chocolates!  Furry’s head is aching, and Penny is scared.  She knows they have done something very naughty:

Imagine Bécassine’s surprise when she returns to the kitchen!  First, she sees her mug tipped over, then she sees the chocolate box.  Oh, my!

When HittyPie finds the culprits, she ends up with a lapful of teary, tummy-aching  little ones, who are full of remorse.  She decides that the tummy aches are punishment enough.   She will clean up their sticky fingers, paws and faces, and tuck them into bed:

There will be no chocolate at teatime!

6 thoughts on “The Chocolates That Were Never Hidden

  1. I love this little adventure. Reminds me of when I was little and I’d stick my finger into the chocolates first, to see what filling was in there…poor mom, all those dimpled chocolates on Valentines Day…LOL


  2. This tale is so true to life. I hope that Penny and Furry weren’t terribly sick and that they have learned their lesson. Before she buys another box of chocolates, HittyPie better find a good hiding place.


  3. Have you actually ever found that an excess of chocolate causes you to have a sore tummy?

    I haven’t.

    Maybe I am not eating enough.


    Erin 🙂


  4. I can quite understand the “crime”. Those chocolates do look very tempting . They’re lucky HittyPie is so kind !
    And I’m delighted to have found you again , I’ve missed your lovely photos .


  5. I just loved this – oh that I were so kind as HittyPie my poor little ones would be growled at first but if they had very sore tummies I think perhaps I wouldn’t growl too long more like lots of hugs…


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