A Spring Fling

What a wonderful adventure Hitty Jean has had!  She and Hitty March took a trip to Zelienople to visit the Robertson Hittys and to meet up with some friends.  Hitty Primrose, HittyPie and Hitty Zee got to come along too.  It was so good to see old friends again.  Hitty Jean had a big hug for Bitty Pat:

Bitty Pat was so excited to show Hitty Jean the new Clubhouse, she took her there straight away.  It is even better in person than the pictures Hitty Jean has seen on the computer!!

While Hitty Jean was in the Clubhouse, more Hittys arrived:

And still more!  In fact, there were more Hittys in the Robertson’s garden than Hitty Jean had ever seen!

Not being one for crowds, Hitty Jean instead went to the Craft Room, where things were quieter and there is so much to admire:

Imagine Hitty Jean’s surprise and delight when she wandered over to the Robertson Hitty’s bedroom – two of her sisters were there!  First, she met Hitty ‘Olina, who is as sweet as can be:

Then, she met Hitty Calamity, who is a Cowgirl through and through:

What fun they had!  There was plenty to talk about and of course they all love to play with dolls.  Hitty Calamity had a favorite doll that she scarcely let go the whole day:

When the time came, it was hard to say goodbye:

Meanwhile, Hitty March was having her share of fun in the Robertson’s garden with her new friend Hitty Esther.  They, too, chatted the afternoon away:

The Bécassine’s had had a splendid time together as well:

Hitty Jean had a chance to admire Bécassine Brown’s needlework before it was time to go:

What a wonderful visit!  There had been picnics and games, laughter and sharing.  Hitty Jean felt a tinge of sadness as she watched some of the last guests depart:

Sadly, it was soon time for the Maxwell Hittys to leave also – but not without promises to see each other again…

***To read more about the Hittys and their wonderful gathering, please see Hitty Robertson’s Journal, where she has taken two chapters (146a & 146b) to record their adventures***

3 thoughts on “A Spring Fling

  1. What a beautiful group of Hittys. I am sure that they had so much fun and lots to talk about. I can see that the playhouse was a big success. A great weekend for the Hittys and their people.


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