Educational and Funny Toy

Hitty Jean and Hitty Primrose have found a new toy!  “Plastic Hut!” the box declares.  “Educational and Funny Toy!” it also brags.
It has lots of pieces…

But no worries…they soon have it put together and have a “Funny” (perhaps even “Educational”?) time with all the animals:

Or maybe the “Educational” part is trying to figure out how all the pieces fit back into the box!!

2 thoughts on “Educational and Funny Toy

  1. What BIG fun you’ve been having! I love all your new treasures…..the farm hut, the Christmas village, and especially the Nantucket Baskets!!! Lily Red sends her best wishes as do I…

    natalie jo


  2. Found your special Hitty blog at last. I really have to get hold of some of these lovelies!

    Where on earth do you find all their amazing furniture and other Hitty-size stuff? Love the farm hut and all the little animals – must now go search out the Nantucket Baskets.

    Deborah xx


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