1141 Pieces

The two day task: Assemble the Clone Turbo Tank for T.  It will be long, it will be tough, but Hitty Jean is the doll for the job:


Tah Dah!!!


Hitty Jean let Furry come along to play.  She even let him try on her pistol!  Sadly, it soon became obvious that a pistol isn't worth its salt in *this* game:


"Look at me, Hitty Jean!  This is so cool!"
Furry ain't no cowpoke now!


Once Hitty Jean convinced Furry to get down, everyone went for a ride.  Hitty Jean kept her fingers crossed that they wouldn't run into any *bad guys* – she kept her hand near her pistol, just in case:


Hitty Jean is proud of the results, but she hopes she doesn't see more Legos any time soon.


'Til Next time…

4 thoughts on “1141 Pieces

  1. My favorite picture is Furry wearing the holster…too precious!Sure is good to see you blogging again, I’ve really missed seeing Hitty Jean’s antics.
    Big HUGS!


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