A Warm Welcome

A new sister came home from Stockbridge this past weekend.  Bécassine welcomed her warmly.  Hitty March still can’t shake the feeling that she has met this Hitty before…

Excuse me….
Do I know you?

Your profile reminds me of someone…



Hmmmm…..Hitty March is puzzled.
Hitty Jean, on the other hand, is not.



She remembers well…

‘Til Next Time…

***A very special and heartfelt thank you to the friend who made Hitty Jean 1’s reincarnation possible***
***Another special and heartfelt thank you the the friend who, once upon a time, carved three shoulderheads***

5 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome

  1. Martha, that warms the cockles of my heart. I don’t know Sara, but TC is one of the kindest and most generous of humans, and you are a sweetheart and deserve every bit of peg love to come your way. Hurrah hurrah hurrah!


  2. Awww, that’s so sweet! You are so lucky to be given a second chance at Hitty Jean……I know that she will be treasured always! Congratulations!


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