Animals in the Cabin! :: Part IX

Every evening, when Hitty Jean would retire to her cabin, she would be greeted by a *towel animal* – these are apparently a phenomenon of cruise ships and some hotels.  Hitty Jean met many new friends!
A Puppy:

An Elephant:

A Bulldog wearing sunglasses:

A tiny Mouse hiding in a glass:

And, a funny Bird:

One night, there was even a monkey hanging from the ceiling, but Hitty Jean found him a bit too rowdy to pose with…

And that’s all about Hitty Jean’s Bermuda Cruise!!

‘Til Next Time…

4 thoughts on “Animals in the Cabin! :: Part IX

    • Thanks, Denise, for all your comments…I LOVE blog comments!!!
      Good luck with Hubby….I only get to Bermuda when my mom takes me!! LOL!!!
      Hubby isn’t a *cruiser* – alas…
      Take Care!!


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