Another Sea Day :: Part VIII

Hitty Jean had hoped to find a lounge and spend the day knitting.  Instead, she found herself continually gazing out to sea.  It was quite striking, and she hoped with all her heart to see some dolphins – or even whales!!

She and a friend watched the sea carefully beginning around 4 in the afternoon, as they had heard that this is the time to spot whales!

Did they see any??  Oh, yes!!  At lunchtime, a pod of about a hundred (yes!  it’s true!!) dolphins played in the wake of the ship!  Such a sight!  Hitty Jean couldn’t eat for watching the dolphins!  Of course, her camera was back in the cabin…
And whales, too!!!  Around dinnertime, a pod of whales swam by!  Hitty Jean was shocked that the ship didn’t tip, as everyone was on the side decks watching.  They spouted and splashed and put on a wonderful show!  Hitty Jean’s camera was back in the cabin…

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