At the Beach :: Part IV

How beautiful Bermuda’s beaches are!!  Hitty Jean spent the better part of a day exploring some of the lesser-known beaches.  It was so very beautiful!

The water is so, so very blue, due to it being a poor habitat for those phytoplankton that tend to turn our northern waters a deeper green-gray.  And the beaches have a pink hue!!

Hitty Jean could have gazed all day!
Oh!  Why are the beaches in Bermuda that famous pink color?  Well, Hitty Jean learned that the pink hue is caused by a type of critter with a dark red skeleton.  It grows on Bermuda’s coral reefs, and when it dies, its skeleton falls to the bottom of the sea where eventually it is washed ashore.  This critter is a *foram* – you can read some interesting information about Bermuda’s sand here.

Isn’t it glorious??!!
Well….a rainstorm blew in, but what good furtune!!  The treefrogs loved it and began their beautiful song.  Hitty Jean could hear them in the trees next to the beach trails.  It is very difficult to spot a treefrog, but they sure are easy to hear!

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