Roofs and Water :: Part VI

Did you know that there are no freshwater ponds or lakes, or even streams on the island of Bermuda?  It is true!  So, one might wonder how Bermudians get their drinking water.  Hmmm….

Above is an example of old Bermudian architecture.  The shutters are made of old Bermuda Cedar, the walls of Bermudian Limestone.  (Today, houses in Bermuda are built of concrete and painted bright colors.)  Hitty Jean wanted to move in.  And the roof is so pretty and white!
Well, the white is a lime wash, which helps to purify the rainwater that falls on the roof.  All rainwater is collected from the rooftops, and kept underneath the houses to use for showers, drinking, etc.  It is necessary to clean the roofs every two years, and re-lime them a minimum of every four years.  This enhances Bermuda’s appeal, since all the houses have beautiful, white roofs!

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