Hitty Jean at the Alamo!

Hitty Jean has just had the most wonderful adventure!   Do you see her beautiful Cowboy Hat up there?  Well, it never even made it to Texas!!  She lost it while going through airport security…thankfully, she kept track of her suitcase!
But I digress…Yes!  She has been to San Antonio, Texas!  What fun!  She had many adventures and was reunited with many friends…It was a GRAND time!

First on the agenda was a road trip to Fredericksburg, where Hitty Jean admired the architecture.  You can see above how the blue of the shutters matches the beauty of the blue sky.  One Hitty who went along purchased a wonderful silver whale to wear as a necklace, but Hitty Jean saved her money and bought the most delicious Peach Ice Cream!
When Hitty Jean returned to San Antonio, there was just enough time for a quick walk through the Alamo Park, and some shopping:

The next day, the Hittys all took a riverboat ride on the San Antonio River.  All the Hittys had life preservers – just in case!  Though it was pointed out that, being made of wood, most Hittys *should* float, no Hittys wanted to take that chance!  The views were magnificent!  Hitty Jean especially loved all the different bridges.  Below is one of her favorites:

That night, the Hittys had a Trolley ride to La Margarita, where they ate dinner together in La Pinata room.  It was immediately apparent why the room had its name.  Hitty Jean had never seen so many pinatas in one place in all her life!

During dinner,Hitty Jean noticed the adults ordering all sorts of fancy beverages.  The Margaritas looked divine.  Sadly, she is too young to partake!

The next morning was so very special!  All the carvers in attendance gave a talk about how they came to carve Hittys.  Hitty Jean’s carver was among them, and it was so amazing to hear her story again and to hear the other carvers’ stories.  Some of Hitty Jean’s doll friends were in attendance, including Snippet:

And Meg and Berry, the Pocket Dolls:

Hitty Jean loved Meg and Berry so much…they were perfectly lap sized!
Dink was there, too!  Hitty Jean and Dink sat down for a long catchup session, and then had their picture taken with a group of friends:

Next…the Hittys went across the park and had a group photo in front of the Alamo.  As you can see, there were many Hittys in attendance!  They caused quite a stir!  Why, people who weren’t even with the Hitty group were stopping to take their picture!  It was all very exciting!  How many Hittys can you recognize below?  Can you spot Hitty Jean?

At this point, Hitty Jean was ready for a rest, so she retired to her hotel room, where she could look out at the Alamo Park.  It was a beautiful view:

That night, there was an elegant banquet on the grounds of the Alamo.  What a special location – it was an honor to be there.  In fact, the third-great grand daughter of Davy Crockett was in attendance!  Hitty Jean couldn’t get the “Davy Crockett” song out of her head for the rest of the trip!  Hitty Jean wore her elegant Pioneer dress and bonnet, and even carried a rifle for authenticity!  (No worries, it was pretend!)  There were many Hitty friends there.  Do you recognize any of them?

After dinner, the Souvenir Hittys were finally let out of their boxes!  Hitty Jean was thrilled to meet one up close and personal.  Despite her own beautiful new gown, she couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of the Souvenir Doll’s outfit:

The fun kept on and on!  Hitty Jean had lunch the next day with her friend, Raisin –  Penny came along, too!

The Deluxe Vegetarian Pizza was scrumptious!

Later, a group of Hittys met up and talked and laughed for a long while.  A painting on the hotel room wall made the perfect Texas background.  Dallas was in her element!  Doesn’t she look cute?!

There were other Hittys there hamming it up, too:

Dinner at the Menger Hotel that night was oh, so very delicious and elegant!  There was a beautiful clock in the lobby, and some of the Hittys had their photo taken with it.  Hitty Jean especially liked the carved lion.  She thought perhaps it was trying (in vain!) to see what time it is!

It was getting closer and closer to the end of the trip.  Back at the hotel, Hitty Jean posed with Hitty Sarah and Hitty Colleen.  They waved to all the Hitty Moms who stopped to admire them!

An impromptu gathering on that last night brought Hitty Jean together with Ellen and Pink.  They were finishing up the last leg of a Grand Adventure and had many tales to tell!  (You can read about them by clicking the link.)

Hitty Jean and Hitty Colleen didn’t want the fun to end.  The Hitty Gathering was winding down, many folks had left, and most of the rest would be leaving the next day.  When might they see each other again?  They sat close, feeling grateful for all the fun they had had:

The next day, Hitty Jean packed her suitcase (it was harder to close than when she left home…hmmm…).  She took a last walk through Alamo Park, and reflected on all the History she had learned, and on all the fun and camraderie that took place over the past several days.  Photos aren’t allowed inside the Alamo, but Hitty Jean did have her photo taken by a fountain in the Alamo Park:

Sadly, it was time to head back to the hotel and bid goodbye.  A large group of friends convened in the lobby and goodbye hugs were abundant.  It was a bittersweet moment, and before she knew it, Hitty Jean’s cab was there to whisk her off to the airport.
Goodbye, Texas!

Hitty Jean will always remember the Alamo!

‘Til Next Time…

14 thoughts on “Hitty Jean at the Alamo!

  1. Like being there all over again! Wonderful!! Hitty Sarah enjoyed meeting Hitty Jean and loved seeing herself in some of the photos! Josie


  2. Dear Martha, A lot of smiling faces and good memories are shining through this series of pictures… I enjoyed looking all the fabrics and clothes the Hittys are wearing…Hitty Jean’s prairie dress is a particularly nice print, but I liked them all. The thing I like best is how all the Hittys have unique and beautiful faces. Thanks so much for the glimpse into the fun you had.


  3. Such a warm and wonderful story…friendships, sight-seeing, yummy food, etc. Not to mention the amazing talent of the carvers!! What an amazing memory to have!


  4. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Your Hitty Jean is surely one of the best dressed girls I have seen. What a fine time was had by all the lucky one to attend.


  5. Martha,
    Your wonderful photography, imagination, and story telling skills make great reading. We had such a good time attending Hitty Remembers the Alamo. Hitty Jean’s blog really hit the highlights. Thank you,
    Celia C


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