Preparing the Glogg

Hitty Felice is preparing for Christmas Tea!  The decanter says “Gluhwein”,  though the Hittys call it Glogg.  Bécassine only allows non-alocholic wine in the Hittys’ Glogg, though I suspect she keeps some of the real thing stashed away in the cabinet for herself…

‘Til Next Time…

5 thoughts on “Preparing the Glogg

  1. What time are the Elizabeth Hittys expected for Glogg? They are ready to go and might get some of the alcohol smuggled in under their skirts. It’s a great tradition and part of their Scandanavian heritage. They are Norwegian, you know.


    • The Hittys will NOT be inviting anyone who is suggesting they might smuggle some alcohol into their Glogg. The Becassines may partake, but as for the Elizabeth Hittys, I do believe they need a firm talking to!!!


  2. I meant to say how amazing that beaded Christmas tree is – the little candles are ingenious, I want to try making them! My Hitty tree is decorated with orphhaned earrings – they are a nice miniature size and come with a hook!


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