The Wild Garden…

Hitty Felice has discovered an abandoned flower garden out back!  She has been pulling weeds and acquainting herself with this wild place since early Spring.
Today, the sun is out and she convinces Hitty Jean to come along and explore:

Hitty Jean is wondering what the heck could be growing in this giant weed patch…
Imagine her surprise when Hitty Felice tells her that waaaay up there, there is a Peony bud!  Really?!

And ‘lo and behold…a Lilac bush that probably hasn’t flowered in years is showing a bit of splendor this Spring.
Hitty Felice and Hitty Jean do a bit of weed pulling.  With a bit of work, this Wild Garden could quite possibly be restored to its former beauty.

Sounds like a challenge…

‘Til Next Time…

3 thoughts on “The Wild Garden…

  1. This garden will take a LOT of getting ready…we are estimating it has been neglected for about twenty years!! Good thing the Hittys are willing and able!!
    Nice to hear from you Toni!!


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