A Ride on the Good Ship Lollipop!

Hitty Jean set sail on the Good Ship Lollipop!  What a wonderful way to see and learn about Pittsburgh!
(She dressed for a *Duck* tour, as you may be able to tell below, but this was just as fun!)
Here are some Highlights:

Did you know that Pittsburgh has the most bridges of any city in the World?!  Even more than Venice!
A smaller version of the Golden Gate Bridge was built here first, to *try out* the design.
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is built entirely of Pittsburgh Steel!

Hey, it’s PNC Park!  Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Behind Hitty Jean above, you can see the famous Duquesne Incline.
Hitty Jean has actually been to Pittsburgh to visit her best Hitty Friends many times, but until this trip, had never been on the Incline!
More about the Incline later.   How do you pronounce Duquesne?  It’s Doo-Kane.

The tallest building in this photo is the PPG building.  It was built entirely of plate glass by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass company.
Hitty Jean found it silly that the company ran out of glass to finish the project and had to contract from their top competitor in order to complete construction.
Here’s a closeup.  It dominates modern Pittsburgh’s skyline:

And Below, you can make it out again in this skyline view:

Hitty Jean adored her River Tour of Pittsburgh.
Still, the view is even better from Mount Washington!  More about that later.
(Though do be sure to pronounce it Mount Warshington, if you want to sound like a true Pittsburgher!)
Stay Tuned…

‘Til Next Time…

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