A Visit With The Robertsons…

Is Anybody Home???

Silly Hitty Jean….she has been to visit the Robertson Hittys many times, but she still has to check Twin Manor first.

Of course they weren’t there….Hitty Jean found Hitty Robertson stitching in the parlor.  It was nice to have some time together to catch up on things:

After a while, Hitty Jean and Hitty Robertson noticed that the house was unusually quiet.  Where could all the Hittys be?

They discovered all the Brown Hittys were having their picture taken!!  Oh, what a sight they were!  They were all arranged just so…Oldest to youngest, left to right and front to back.
(Hitty Sylvie is the Oldest Hitty, and Ida Belle is the Youngest) :

Hitty Jean made a “new” old friend, Tasha.  With all the brouhaha of the photo session, Tasha needed to be kept out of the way.
Hitty Jean gave her a good scratch behind the ears until they were done:

Any dog lover knows, “Once a Friend, Always a Friend.”  From then on, whenever Hitty Jean walked past Tasha, Tasha asked for a tummy rub!
Naturally, Hitty Jean happily obliged:

Ima made the mistake of showing her red shoes to Ida Belle:

Bécassine overheard Ida Belle just as she was saying, “You may have red shoes…but I have red boots!!”
Ida Belle was quickly reminded of her manners….(which she forgot again a few minutes later.)

Hitty Jean came home with some beautiful new bench pads, created during the visit, as well as some wonderful memories…

‘Til Next Time…

6 thoughts on “A Visit With The Robertsons…

  1. Awwwww…. That is so sweet! Hitty Jean really needs a nice mansion for herself, don’t you think? She looks so longingly at that stairway!

    Thanks for the visit! tcv


  2. All the Rieger Hitties really miss those visits with all the Hitties that live at the Robertson’s house. It is always fun to hear about others visiting. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love the picture of all the Brown Hittys, they look like they posed very well (mine often fall over just before I click!). And lovely to see the Robertson’s house from Hitty Jean’s point of view – thanks!


  4. I keep waiting for a new episode so today in lieu of the new, i visited the old. Every once in a while I have to visit the old Hitty Jean, particularly her visits to Cranberry Island and such which are some of my favorite ever…also the hitty v.s real posts. And I must say Miss Martha, your dolls have the most beautiful dresses. I want every single one of them. You have quite a collection!


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