A Quick Visit

What a fun weekend Hitty Jean just had!!
There was a small weekend gathering of friends – with the Elizabeth Hittys and a lovely family of Hittys from California.  Hitty Jean and Hitty March were particularly taken with Nonashteen – she always smiles so sweetly.  (Hitty Jean is sure she is the cutest Hitty ever!)


Nonashteen and Hitty March had a great deal to talk about, as they were carved by the same artist – it is always a pleasure to meet up with a sister!  Hitty March adores her new dress from her California Friends.


Hitty Brown was also the sweetest new friend a Hitty could hope for – Hitty Jean was taken with her – and her dress!   Hitty Brown had wanted to help in the kitchen…but Hitty Jenny (who is busy in the background) insisted that she was the hostess, and that she would cook!!!  All the meals were delicious.  Hitty Brown loved the fish tacos!
After all the eating, no one should need food for a few days!  (Thank you, Hitty Jenny!)


The cuteness didn’t end!  There was a third Hitty visiting  from California.
She and Hitty Jean had quite a discussion about Hitty fashion.  Hittys do love their dresses, and to talk with a Hitty who lives with a seamstress is quite an event!

Sadly, it was a quick visit, and before they knew it, it was time for the California Friends to be on their way.
They have been traveling all month and still have two more stops to make!!
Hitty Jean thought it might be nice to go along, but at the last minute she decided to stay at home.
No worries…the Maxwell Hittys have a travel adventure coming up.  Hitty Jean is getting very excited!

‘Til Next Time…

3 thoughts on “A Quick Visit

  1. Oh how wonderful that they had visitors and what fun they all had by the looks of things. Good food and good company, and the discussion about wonderful dresses, what more could a Hitty want?


    • Hey there!!! We had so much fun visiting – glad to be part of the East Coast tour!! I hope all is well with the Quimper Hittys. Ida Belle’s vest was greatly admired by our visitors! :o)


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