When Something Awful Happened…


Hitty March went missing!!  It was a terrible, sleepless night for all involved.
All the Hittys joined forces and helped.  Ida Belle (above) ran amok with her arms in the air.  That was help, Ida Belle style.


Hitty Jean sat on the floor in despair, while Hitty Felice said encouraging words.


Ima came by to help, but all she could do was sit at the kitchen table, sobbing.

It was Martha who eventually found her.
Completely unaware of the despair and upset she was causing, Hitty March had spent a thrilling night under the couch with the dust bunnies.  It is not clear how she got there.  But she was found, and that is what mattered most.


Bécassine *tried* to put on a stern face while she gave HItty March a lecture.
Of course she was so happy to have Hitty March safely home that it was hard to be stern.

This had happened before, with a different outcome….and hopefully will never happen again.

“Til Next Time…

5 thoughts on “When Something Awful Happened…

  1. HAHA! Glad this one had a different outcome! It wasn’t long ago that the Cranberry Manor Hittys ALL went missing…….I was the one crying that time!


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