Adventure with the Robertsons :: Part 1

Several of the Maxwell Hittys have just had the most wonderful adventure!

It all began with a plane ride to Pittsburgh.  Hitty Jean is of course a seasoned traveler, but Ima had never been on an airplane before.  Ima was amazed at how high they were, and a good part of the flight was spent looking out the window.

Ima's First Flight

When the Hittys arrived at the Robertson’s, the excitement continued to build, for the Maxwell and Roberton Hittys were planning a Road Trip together!  After a bit of visiting and planning, everyone tried to get a good night’s sleep.  The next morning was an early start, and by lunchtime, Hitty Jean and Ima Robertson were enjoying pie at a favorite restaurant in Amish Country!


The next stop was to a Hardware Store called Lehman’s.  It caters to a varied clientele from modern folks to the Amish.  Why, anything you might imagine is sold at Lehman’s, from oil lamps and wood stoves to wine corks and cookie presses.  Hitty Jean just loved the assortment of cookie cutters:


After Lehman’s, the destination was two quilt shops right in the heart of Amish Country.  Esther and Martha looked for fabric for the Hittys.  It was hard to wait, but the Hittys knew that the fabric is for dresses for them, so they tried to be patient.  Some of the Hittys got silly and stood next to a cushion that said, “Still Shopping.”  This was certainly the situation in the quilt stores!


On the way to the Hotel, Ida Belle started shouting!  She saw goats on a roof!!  Hittys are always keen to explore, so they all got out and went to look.  Ida Belle told Ima Maxwell all about how she was going to take a goat home, but when Ima explained that goats eat everything, Ida Belle thankfully reconsidered:


After checking in at the Hotel, the Hittys went to dinner at the Chalet in the Valley.  Dinner of Chicken Schnitzel was delicious, as was the Black Forest cake for dessert.  Hitty Jean loved the restaurant and had her picture taken outside while the other Hittys were finishing up:


Amish country was so beautiful, and it often felt as though the Hittys had traveled to a different time.  The farmers were harvesting the hay, while their children set up the haystacks.  At night, you could hear the sound of the horses clip-clopping on the road.  The scenery was incredible!


The next morning, everyone was back in the car bright and early to head for Maysville, Kentucky.  The Maxwell Hittys were keen to visit the Miniatures Museum there, which Esther’s son had designed.  What a thrill to finally arrive, but the museum had closed just fifteen minutes earlier, so they had to wait until the next day!


The next day, the Hittys were able to admire the large collection, and see many pieces created by Esther as well as her son Bill.  No photos were allowed inside, but it is safe to say that it was all exquisitely displayed and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Maysville is set right on the Ohio River.  There is a flood wall there which has been painted with various scenes depicting different times in history.  Ida Belle truly enjoyed the panel with the steamship scene.  She didn’t want to leave!  Once she was assured that plenty of photographs had been taken, Ida Belle finally agreed to get back into the car.


It was time to head back to Zelienople…

‘Til Next Time…

6 thoughts on “Adventure with the Robertsons :: Part 1

  1. I enjoyed your trip to Maysville. t brought back good memories for me. I have been to Lehman’s Hardware. It is owned by family members of my good friend Cleo Lehman. I very interesting store. Thank the Hitty girls for sharing their adventures.


  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with Esther and the Robertson Hittys! The photos are delightful.


  3. Wish I had known you were coming to Ohio. I live not far from Kidron..Lehmans Hardware ans Belin..Helping Hands Quilt Shop. Loved all your photos…Penny


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