Adventure with the Robertsons :: Part2

Well. After such a wonderful road trip, the Hittys all took up various quiet activities. Hitty Helen and Ima Maxwell wasted no time dressing as “twins” – they wanted everyone to believe it was true! I’m sure many little girls have pretended the very same thing with their best friends:

Hitty Jean and Hitty Felice wanted a snack.  Grandma Alice and Aunt Doll were having such a nice chat that they didn’t wish to be interrupted.  They directed Hitty Jean and Hitty Felice to a bowl of nuts, hoping it would keep them busy.  (It did…)


The next day was another day for chatting and quiet activities.  Hitty Jean was so impressed with the Robertson’s new room.  She and Hitty Robertson decided to get the German Kitchen off the shelf to play:


Later, Hitty Jean and Bee played with the Robertson’s Teddy Bears.  Boy, has their collection grown over the years!


Ima Maxwell was also busy admiring the Robertson Hittys’ toys.  Her favorite was Paddington Bear:


  The next day, it was time for the Maxwell Hittys to return to Boston.  Hitty Jean felt sad watching the Robertsons walk away at the airport.  It never feels long enough when you are visiting the best of friends.  Still, watching the luggage being loaded onto the plane, Hitty Jean also knew it would be good to be HOME.


‘Til Next Time…

P.S.- to read Hitty Robertson’s account of their adventure, please visit Hitty Robertson’s Journal, Chapter 220.  Or, click
HERE if you prefer!

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