A Visit to Kansas City, Missouri, Part I


Hitty Jean and friends boarded a plane to Kansas City, Missouri!!  What a long way from Boston and home!  This was a very busy trip that warrants telling in several posts, which is why this is “Part I”…

Below is the sign for a Department Store in K.C. – what fun to see the Hall name in such big letters, as that is Martha’s family name.  There are two well-known, unrelated Hall families from Kansas City who did much to contribute to the wonderful culture there.

photo (1)

Hitty Jean was quite taken by all the statues in the area known as the “County Club District” – a favorite was a large statue of a Warthog, with many other tiny, exquisitely detailed animals beneath.  While Hitty Jean was too frightened to sit on the Warthog’s head, she did agree to a photo with the turtle, who seemed much friendlier:

photo (3)

The first day in Kansas City was quite an event, for Hitty Jean finally got to visit a place she has wanted to see for years and years!!  Can you guess where she is?

photo (4)

‘Til Next Time…

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