Kansas City, Part II

Hitty Jean spent the first full day of her trip at the Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City.  It was simply amazing!!  She went along on a wonderful tour of first the toys…then the miniatures.  There was so much to look at, it was difficult to know where to start!!
A favorite of Hitty Jean’s was the display of German Kitchens:

photo (7)
Many of these antique kitchens are what Hitty Jean considers to be “Hitty-Sized” and the one above looked just right!

There was a wonderful Dollhouse in the toy section.  Hitty Jean was intrigued by the story that went along with it.  A little girl, Nettie Wells, owned the dollhouse and her doll, Gracie, had many adventures there.  Tiny, doll-sized letters written by Nettie to Gracie were found with the house and they document all the marvelous goings-on.   Gracie had a goat with a cart and sleigh.  The cart’s wheels were made from thread bobbins!  Gracie had wonderful homemade furniture and clothing – even her dress pattern was there!  Hitty Jean thinks the original Hitty had a similar collection when she was found in an Antique Store all those years ago…

photo (11)
Above is Nettie’s Dollhouse – the easel has an “Attendance Record” on it – of course Gracie was one of the pupils at the imaginary school.  Gracie had perfect attendance!

Hitty Jean coveted a tea set she saw…pictured below.  It was in perfect Hitty scale!

photo (16)

Imagine Hitty Jean’s surprise to see a Hitty as one of the displays!  She tried to talk to this Museum Hitty, but Museum Hitty was a bit “standoffish” to say the least:

photo (15)

Onto the Miniatures, then!
Hitty Jean was captivated by the deep voice of the guide for the Miniature displays.  He was none other than William Robertson – (why, isn’t he somehow related to the Robertson Hittys?!?)  He is also a miniaturist and the builder of Twin Manors!  Hitty Jean adores the Twin Manors and has spent many hours gazing at the house while visiting her friends the Robertsons.  It was thrilling to see the display below – until then it had only been seen by Hitty Jean in photographs:

photo (13)
When asked if this was his actual workbench, William (Bill) quipped, “My workbench has a lot more tools on it…”
Oh, how Hitty Jean would love to acquire a model of Twin Manors, like the one above….better start saving!!

A Wonderful Friend (Hi, Esther!) made the needlepoint for this sewing box:

photo (9)
The stitches are so tiny, you almost cannot see them!  Here’s a closeup:

photo (10)

Another friend, Hanna Hyland, painted the painting below…as well as the one blocked by Hitty Jean’s head…They were both exquisite:

photo (14)
There was so much more to see at the museum, it would be close to impossible to write about it all here.  But there was another Miniature House that captivated Hitty Jean – (more on that tomorrow.)  Until then, two photos of the Hittys at lunch – first with the Brown Hittys:

photo (5)
And below, quite a few more friends….do you recognize any of them?

photo (6)
‘Til Next Time…

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