Kansas City, Part III

Let’s talk about the Boston Beacon Hill House!!

This was another one of Hitty Jean’s favorites (there were so many!) and she could have gazed at it for hours.
Commissioned by Claire Bagley Hammons, it was created by artist Frank L. Matter. It is in 1/48th scale (1/4 inch equals 1 foot). It is a work of art – truly a must-see! Frank Matter himself spent over 5 years constructing this masterpiece. In a quote from Mr. Matter about working in such a diminutive size, he states it as “Trying to hold a gnat while clipping its wings.” Hmmmmm…..photos, then:

photo (20)

photo (23)

photo (24)

So tiny and so detailed….Hitty Jean adored it!!!

If ever, ever you are in Kansas City, Missouri, you simply must visit the Toy and Miniature Museum! Hitty Jean is already trying to figure out how to get back. (And how on Earth to get Museum Hitty to talk to her!)

Well now, there were many other exciting KC adventures…Hitty Jean also visited a private home…or was it a museum as well? It was hard to tell, and here is why:

photo (22)

Everywhere she looked, there were collections of all shapes and sizes…candlesticks, tools, miniatures…it was the most interesting home Hitty Jean has ever seen!! Do you see her up there? Those antique brass candlesticks surely would pose a danger to Hitty if they were to all be lit at once!! Luckily, Hitty Jean knows that the owner of this house is very respectful of Hitty and would never put her in unnecessary danger! Phew!

Another interesting display Hitty Jean found was these chests made of bone…she was truly captivated by them. If she could have taken one home with her, I am sure she would have. What exquisite pieces of art they are:

photo (25)
There are tiny keys in the latches, which operate tiny locks. Hitty Jean can think of many treasures she would love to keep safe in one of these chests. (These beautiful masterpieces in miniature were created by William Robertson.)

Lest you think all Hitty Jean did in KC was gaze at displays, well….

photo (26)
There was plenty of catching up with friends! But let’s save that for another day, where the Hittys get silly and a Steamboat is found in a cornfield!

‘Til Next Time…

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