Horray for Mushroom Barley!

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Horray for Beth Anne Hall!  She is the winner of our Mushroom Barley giveaway!  Beth Anne, please email me at
hitty_martha (at) yahoo (dot) com and we will arrange for your pinny to make its way to you…

But EVERYONE IS A WINNER here, and because we don’t like anyone to go away feeling bad….we have a RECIPE for you – to make Bécassine’s delicious Mushroom Barley Soup!!  Yippee!!  Now this must be prefaced with a bit of a disclaimer… Bécassine is French, as we all know, so one might expect her recipe to be a special, French recipe, handed down through generations, cooked in the most wondrous kitchens all over France.  But Bécassine wants to be certain that everyone’s soup is as delicious as can be.  “Her” recipe is the very best you can make, and that is a promise!  So please, when the soup link mentions something about “America” in the title, please try to stifle your giggles.  For Bécassine’s sake.

Mushroom Barley Soup – Best Recipe Ever – Click Here

(Also, there were many requests for a pinny pattern.  Hitty Jean is so sorry to say that she does not have one of her own that she is able to share at this time.  There are many amazing pattern resources out there for Hitty, and a good place to start might be at the Hittygirls Yahoo Group.  Hope this helps – we want everyone to have FUN!!!)

‘Til Next Time…

4 thoughts on “Horray for Mushroom Barley!

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so very excited that my girls will have a lovely new pinny to share! Thank you to Hitty Jean and Becassine for drawing my name–and writing it is such lovely script! –Beth Anne Hall, the Very Lucky Winner!


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