Plain? Or Chocolate?

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Such Midwinter excitement!

Another BIG snowstorm on its way this week…The Maxwell Hittys love snow!  And this has been a rather snowy Winter.

The Hittys are cheering on the USA in the Olympics!  (Though they also admit to rooting for the lovely
15 year old skater from Russia – did you see her?!  Wow.)

Hitty Jean and Furry are having a pre-Valentine’s Day tea party with their favorite Emma Bridgewater dishes.
Bécassine insists that they share one piece of Grasshopper Pie.
No worries!  Sharing is fun, right?  Especially with friends.
Now Hitty Jean will just fetch the forks, pour some milk, and the “tea” party can begin!

‘Til Next Time…

8 thoughts on “Plain? Or Chocolate?

  1. Lucky, lucky Hitty Jean to have her own Emma Bridgewater. Happy to see that you are posting again. My girls want to know why they weren’t invited to the party. Oh well!


  2. Hi Martha,

    Very sweet. Hitty Jean is adorable and I lover her bear. I’m going to cancel my aol account soon. I’m not sure if we are going with road runner or gmail so for now can you change my email address to

    Sue G and the Northeast Hittys in Maine



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