On a Lark and a Whim


No one had even discussed going to Maine, but on a lark and a whim, shawls and sweaters were grabbed, and into the car everyone piled.  Hitty Jean came along.
As always, the first stop was at the Goldenrod for a late, much needed lunch.

Ah, but the Ocean is the real draw.  Especially for Hitty Jean, who’s Ancestry stems from an Island in Maine.  How could any Hitty resist gazing upon the scenery that Ancestor Hitty knew so well?  It never fails to spark Hitty Jean’s imagination.


 In York, climbing the rocks and seeing Nubble Light in all its glory is always on the agenda.  Hitty Jean really wishes she could live in that house.  Talk about sparking the imagination!


Climbing the rocks is thirsty work, even on a chilly day.  Refreshments were in order – and a wee giftie for the pups back at home:


Before long, it was time to return home.  Hitty Jean said “Goodbye,” to the sea, and “Goodbye,” to Maine.

At Least ‘Til Next Time…


6 thoughts on “On a Lark and a Whim

  1. Would it be okay to save the picture of Hitty Jean with the lighthouse so I can make a card for my daughter? She absolutely loves lighthouses!



  2. I’m positive that I’ve seen that same lighthouse…. poor Dallas wasn’t even a gleam in my eye at the time… Judy


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