Hitty Jean spent a quiet few moments very early yesterday morning in a Hotel Room in Sturbridge.  She was gazing at Martha’s coffee, while reflecting upon the glorious two days she had just spent with friends.  If you are hoping for photos of Old Sturbridge Village, we do apologize profusely, since the Hittys never made it there!  There was too much chatting and being together (as well as preparing for the BIG Event) to have time for much else.


There are many posed group pictures of the Hittys.  Friday Night was great fun – do you recognize anyone?


Hitty Jean and Ima enjoyed their roomates – Hittys Liberty and Joan – very much:

See their special nametags?  They are all ready to attend the BIG Event:


Now, some Hittys *might* look a bit upset in the above photo.   Truly, the energy of the show was a bit intense.  Why, people were lining up well before the doors opened!!!  Many of the Hittys had not been to a show before and were very worried about what this could mean – Is there not enough to go around?  Is it scary?  Might they (gasp!) get lost? But do not worry about the Hittys for one more second!  They were all very well taken care of and found many wonderful treasures.  I don’t think anyone went home empty-handed.  In fact, they all want to go again!!!

Sometimes, buying things for Hittys can be a slippery slope.  This morning, Hitty Jean was overheard telling Ima, “Now we need more stuff  to go in this beautiful room!”


What a glorious time, visiting with Hitty Friends, old and new!

‘Til Next Time…


4 thoughts on “Sturbridge!

  1. It was a wonderful long weekend spent with good friends.. wooden and otherwise … The Brown’s House Hittys and Judy


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