Hitty Jean Wonders…

Why is reading immensely more enjoyable than tidying?

Bécassine hollers up the stairs: “That room isn’t going to clean itself!!!”

‘Til Next Time…

13 thoughts on “Hitty Jean Wonders…

  1. hitty Jean is a doll after my own heart. Reading is always more interesting then cleaning or cooking or gardening or….
    well the list is endless!! Read away Jean!!


  2. I just love these little glimpses into Hitty Jean’s life. Her room looks just like my house! I feel so much better now.


  3. I have absolutelt no idea, Hitty Jean. Should you work out the answer to your question though, please enlighten me…..I’ve been wondering the same thing for over half a century now.
    As Madame Becassine loves a tidy home and you love reading, would it not be a fair division of labour if she did your share of the cleaning and you read her share of books?


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