Hitty Jean is Lonely

Hitty Jean was checking in with her friends the Quimper Hittys earlier this Summer. What they were up to – Hitty Rose in particular – was so inspiring that Hitty Jean has spent the better part of August doing the exact same thing. Knitting the Lonely Tree shawl over and over (and over) again. What a beautiful shawl it makes! Here are Hitty Jean’s results:

While she is pleased as punch with all her shawls, Hitty Jean does wish she had pulled her eyes away from the yarn basket for just a minute. For, over on Hittys Knittys, all her friends were inspired and knitting the same shawls! Silly Hitty Jean did look for company from time-to-time. But Beatrix Mouse doesn’t talk much:

So, Hitty Jean just kept on knitting. Alone. All month. Sometimes, she daydreamed that her friends were knitting with her:

They were! How did she find out? Well, Hitty Delphie finally told Hitty Jean about all the excitement over at Hittys Knittys. What Fun!
Hitty Jean wants to have fun too!! With other Hittys, that is….sooooo….there are a couple extra Lonely Tree shawls here, all blocked and ready for a Hitty to wear. Just leave us a comment and in a couple days we will draw two random names from the list. Autumn is fast approaching!

P.S.-all credit for the shawl, the pattern for the shawl and other fun stuff can be found by clicking on the links in this post. Hittys Knittys is a Yahoo group of kindred spirits who enjoy the needle arts AND Hitty.

‘Til Next Time…


31 thoughts on “Hitty Jean is Lonely

  1. It’s always good to see Hitty Jean involved in life activities. And she does beautiful work, too. We wish we could knit so tiny, but alas, all of our attempts at tiny needle knitting ended in frustrating failures to hold onto those wee stitches.


      • We have you all to thank for the great fun we have had with the Noro and shawl knitting! If only we weren’t so slow on the uptake, we could have joined on the knitalong. Next time…


  2. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring enough to keep the wish of knitting lit within me. Thank you for the beauty that you shared as well as the opportunity to see what Hitty Jean was up to at this time.


  3. Truly lovely work, Hitty Jean. This is one of the prettiest patterns ever for Hitty and you certainly have done a wonderful job of knitting your lovely collection on Lonely Tree shawls.


  4. What an array of knitting wonders ! Clearly several bags full went into this project. Thanks for the heads up about Hittys Knitties……it is always good to have company while doing handwork.


  5. Oh my! Hitty Jean, you are so very skilled. I too love to knit but do not have your skill. I wish we could meet up so that I could take lessons from you.
    With my very best wishes,
    Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty


  6. Poor little Hitty Jean! The Wren Cottage Hittys were shedding tears at the thought of such a lonely little Hitty knitting away (although they acknowledge that knitting is a very good therapy!). They are wondering whether Hitty Jean might like to come and stay in the UK (this would probably be some sort of virtual stay I think! – we may download a photo of Hitty Jean and place her by the fireside with our Hittys and she can teach them to knit! Those shawls are truly wonderful! We love the way the colours run into each other from shawl to shawl. Were you using Noro Taiyo Lace?


  7. I just love the shawls! And they look like such fun to knit. Years ago I knitted a spectacular huge afghan, (bedspread??) My friends called it the 16 year afghan because the pattern was so complex I could only work on it alone and counting each stitch. I was a beginning knitter and had no business doing this!!

    I always wanted one of TC’s Hitty dolls and have mentioned it to her from time to time to time to time.



  8. WOW, what a lovely collection of shawls. Your yarn is beautiful. I am struggling to get one made. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the Hitty community.


  9. Hitty Jean, you’ve created such lovely shawls. …the better to warm yourself with. Wish you lived closer so Hitty Hannah could take lessons from you. Have a wonderful weekend. hugs, Mariyn


  10. Hitty Jean, you’ve gotten a jump on preparing for the fall!! The weather has just begun to cool down here in NY and the sound of clicking needles isn’t far behind… 😉 Thank you for providing some much need inspiration. 🙂 Love, Paula


  11. OOOOhhhh! I would so love to be in the running for one of these as I cannot knit like that. They are so lovely and Hitty Dauphine would treasure it. We always love to see what Hitty Jean is up to!


  12. Hi Martha and Hitty Jean,

    We enjoy reading your posts and are glad you have fun in “Hittyworld” as of late we don’t have the time or energy to be as active as we once were. But we still enjoy yours and Esther’s posts and lurch one in a while on Hittygirls. We haven’t enjoyed a trip to Cranberry Island since Hitty Hoopla and hope that next summer we can make a trip there. Your tree shawls are lovely we hope we win one.

    On another note, we are downsizing our collection of stuff and are selling some of our Sam Dunlap pieces. Since you are interested in his work we thought you would like to see what we are letting go. Some are the older pieces with his written signature band some are the newer pieces with his stamp. If you interested in anything let us know which piece or pieces and we’ll let you know our asking price. Shipping will be for a small, flat rate box.

    Sincerely your Hitty friends,

    Sue G and the Northeast Hittys in Maine



    • Oops! I don’t know what happened, I meant for my previous post to be private as I replied to the email., i didn’t realize it would post publicly. So sorry. Anyway, Hitty Jean your shawls are beautiful. Any Hitty would be proud to wear on especially while taking a walk on a cool autumn day.


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