Hello Again!

We hope all of you in the US are enjoying your Labor Day! Hitty Jean is knitting away on some more shawls. Silly, because it is 90 degrees and so very humid outside! But indeed she is happily knitting away, indoors, in the air conditioning.
Hitty Jean has asked Aunt Doll to do the honors of revealing the winners of our Lonely Tree Shawl giveaway. She also enlisted the help of some silly hen shawl models, who were delighted to help, (à la Jemima Puddleduck.)
Have you peeked yet? Enough jibber jabber….
….without further ado, the winners are




Hitty Jean says, “We’re ALL winners!!!” And that is true, because we all share in the special joy of Hitty and all that goes along with her!
(Erin and Billie, if you could please send me your addresses, your shawls will be on their way…)
ps – Hitty Jean promises that no one told those proud hens how silly they looked in the shawls. Their self confidence remains intact!

‘Til Next Time…


11 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. Congratulations to Billie, Erin and their very lucky Hitty girls!
    As to the hens, our own need shawls as they have decided to moult just as the nights get cooler and the mornings become dank and misty, so we think your shawl models are of superior intellect. They clearly know that, in the fashion world, items are designed, made and revealed a few weeks before the season they are intended for arrives. Clever little hens and even moresesible Hitty Jean!


  2. Hitty Jean is absolutely right…. we who love Hitty are all winners… Hope everyone and their Hittys and hens are enjoying this “hot” Labor Day ..


  3. I think those hens are splendid and look superb in their shawls! Congrats to winners, and to Hitty Jean who has clearly mastered this lonely tree shawl knitting thing.


  4. Congrats to Erin and Billie. And yes we do all share in the joy Hitty brings into our lives. Don’t know who is luckier, the Hittys we love or us.


  5. Yay! I have been so busy getting ready for school to start that I haven’t been online and look what I missed! Thank you so much Hitty Jean! The Weathertops will treasure their new shawl! We might even need to make up a new dress to go with it!


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